Sound Clips: Mumford & Sons’ “Believe”

Mumford & Sons are BACK! Finally. *queue massive sigh of relief*

“Believe” is the first taste of Mumford’s upcoming album Wilder Mind and sent music lovers into a minor frenzy when it dropped Monday afternoon. And that frenzy is completely justified.

The track is a pretty significant segue from that folkier Mumford sound of the past and sees the band trade in their acoustic guitars for electric ones. The boys announced last week that they’d be offering up a new sound on this album and had chosen to — hang on, you might want to sit down for this one — abandon the banjo. That anthemic plucky-folk sound is truly signature to Mumford & Sons aesthetic and there’s already debate on whether these Brits are following in Coldplay’s not-so-popular footsteps. Read: Great stripped-down rock band turned overproduced, major-label-signed pop-rock hybrid.

At any rate, “Believe” is a pretty powerful single and it’s not difficult to imagine the song resonating through a packed arena, in a cool way. I’ll hold off on rating Mumford’s new sound until the album’s release on May 4.

Stream the new track below!


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