Music Monday – Tom Odell

Back at it! Or trying… Here’s a new Music Monday, only minutes after the clock struck 12!

I don’t know about you, but I get annoyed with ads on Spotify or Songza or whatever other music streaming outlet I’ve chosen to use that day. I rarely ever click on the banners and I nearly always turn down the volume while an ad is playing. So I’d say it’s nothing short of a miracle that I stumbled upon Tom Odell last week while opening up a Spotify playlist. It was at the top of the “Discover” page with a tag that said something along the lines of “You listened the The 1975. Check out Tom Odell.” So I did. And boy, am I happy I noticed that link that day.

Tom is a dreamy 22-year-old British musician who excels in piano and was raised on Elton John and Bob Dylan. Like an English Jeff Buckley, Odell’s music is filled with passion and heartache in the most uplifting of ways. He  was discovered by Columbia Records  in 2012, released his first EP, Songs from Another Love, at age 21, and has since been writing, recording, and undoubtedly sending shivers down spines all around the globe while on tour.

Long Way Down, Odell’s full length album dropped this year as a collection of beautiful piano ballads and jazzy, haunting vocals surely inspired by Radiohead. Choral harmonies and simply intricate percussion pull the LP into a cohesive series of ebbs and waves, allowing Odell to expose himself without sounding too desperate to be noticed.

If it was attention he craved, it’s attention he’ll receive.


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