Music Monday – Rogue Wave (Nightingale Floors)

Okay, I confess, I’m no newbie to Rogue Wave. I’ve loved them since they opened for Death Cab for Cutie at the SDSU Open Air Theatre in 2007. Their California-indie-rock sound is just really catchy and they quickly snagged a spot in my Top 20 Favorite Artists.

Anyways, their fifth album dropped today and I really  just wanted everyone to know about it. What I love about RW is how consistent they are with their sound. They haven’t bought into the over-produced, electronic mumbo-jumbo that many indie bands have recently fallen victim too. Not to say that’s bad… but it just doesn’t fit what Rogue Wave is all about. This album mimics their older tracks, but shows off a bit of maturity that can certainly be attributed to the four year break they took before releasing a new LP.

I’ll let you be your own judge, but it may very well be their best yet. I definitely encourage you to have a listen.

[Also, my favorite track is ‘When You Walk Away’, but there’s no audio for it on YouTube yet. So be sure to snag that one on iTunes!]


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