23 Days of Sasquatch: Day 3 – Shout Out Louds

Bringing upbeat Swedish pop music to the table, Shout Out Louds formed around 2001 and dove right into making music as a group. Fearless of twangy electronic chords and ’80s-esque vocals/reverb, the group is credited for their ability to make nostalgic guilty pleasures a present-day experience.

With the release of their fourth album, Optica, Shout Out Louds wanted to focus on the ever-elusive concepts of time and light. Time has always been that friend in the room that no one really wants to hang out with, but just can’t bring themselves to tell him to leave. They’ve been a unit for over ten years, and although many bands call it quits after 5, they’ve never asked themselves how much longer they’ll be in each other’s lives. They work well together, and they know it.

The band is well-seasoned in writing songs about love and life experiences, to traveling and exploring. Optica is an ode to all of the things they’ve seen and all of the things they want to see, be it for the first time or the last.

[Shout Out Louds perform from 6:50 to 7:40 PM on Sunday, May 26 at the Bigfoot stage.]


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