23 Days of Sasquatch: Day 4 – The Barr Brothers

Four piece outfit, The Barr Brothers, released their debut LP in 2011 and are quickly stretching their arms out and around the globe. Brad and Andrew Barr turned to music as a way to release pent-up angst when they were growing up and spent many years dabbling in this band or that, always in search of their own identity as musicians. When the boys met harpist Sarah Page and multi-instrumentalist Andres Vial, they were finally able to hone in on where their strengths lie as musicians and The Barr Brothers was born.

The quartet, whose emphasis rests in indie Americana, pulls creative influence from West African polyrhythms and bluesy guitar riffs. Their music is meant for great expanses and long car drives. Despite its sometimes serious lyrics, The Barr Brothers is a playful, youthful, and raw band whose determined niche is just what listeners needed to hear.

[The Barr Brothers perform from 4:45 to 5:45 PM on Monday, May 26 at the Yeti stage.]


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