23 Days of Sasquatch: Day 9 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

’90s UK band enthusiasts, Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes met at school in 1995 and bonded over their shared appreciation for rock music. However, they didn’t start making music together until 1998. By 1999, they’d added drummer Nick Jago to the mix, dubbed themselves Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, recorded a 16-track demo and moved to Los Angeles. When KCRW gave them their first airplay, several labels, even ones based in the UK, requested that the boys sign with them. Virgin Records won out in 2000 and the boys were off.

After touring with the Dandy Warhols, BRMC released their self-titled debut in 2001. Since that initial album release, the group has experimented with a range of genres, from solid rock to electronica. They’ve also obtained a new drummer and a new record label. Their recently released album Specter At The Feast centers on alternative rock, with grating vocals evocative of Johnny Cash and heavy-handed chords enunciated with grunge reverberation.

With seven albums under their belt, BRMC has proven that a few bumps and scratches along the way won’t keep them from making music for too long.

[Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performs from 4:30 to 5:30 on Saturday, May 25th on the Sasquatch stage.]


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