23 Days of Sasquatch: Day 20 – The Wild Feathers

Country spun folk rock is proving to be a theme for Sasquatch this year. Having only shared teases of music with a debut album release date staying pretty hush-hush for whatever reason, The Wild Feathers have already earned a fair amount of attention. Recently switching labels over to Warner Bros., the boys pull influence from the artists they grew up listening to: Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Willie Nelson, to name a few. The reference is easy to pinpoint, but there’s a clear distinction that makes The Wild Feathers’s music stand apart from their idols.

The Nashville-based boys were all lead singers of their own bands before coming together and their vocal expertise shines bright through their music. While you may expect some battling for the spotlight, Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns, and Preston Wimberly share the attention during performances with an impressive ease. Their confidence as individual members only makes for a stronger band dynamic. Each of their voices has a different tone, but it works — their songs are upbeat and catchy and really kind of awesome. Crooning about the important things, like love and longing, The Wild Feathers are thoughtful artists with a successful future ahead of them.

[The Wild Feathers perform from 12:30 to 1:00 PM on Monday, May 27th at the Yeti stage.]


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