23 Days of Sasquatch: Day 22 – Beachwood Sparks

This Los Angeles band is no newbie to the music scene. Breaking in with their debut album in 2000, Beachwood Sparks keep it simple, channeling Golden Oldies icons like  Gram Parsons and The Beach Boys. While they mostly stick to twangy folk rock, they’re known to mix things up a bit and make you uncomfortable in the greatest ways. These boys prove that psychedelic country music exists. As unnatural and strange as it may sound, it actually kind of works. While you probably won’t be listening to their mellow croons while you’re out on the town, the Sparks are great for getting in touch with your down home roots and making you feel like you’re actually from the South. After all, they’re great teachers — they’re faking it themselves.

Beachwood Sparks’s fourth album, The Tarnished Gold, was released in 2012, after a brief hiatus when the members branched off to explore other projects. The breezy come-and-go band dynamic translates into their music. Listen to it now, listen to it later. Or don’t listen to it at all. But really, you should, because everyone needs some quality folk music every once in a while.

[Beachwood Sparks performs from 7:25 – 8:25 pm on Monday, May 27th at the Yeti stage.]


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