Music Monday – Luke Sital-Singh

Hailing from London, Luke Sital-Singh joined the realm of loveable male singer/songwriters last year with his EP ‘Fail For You’. Comparable to Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver, Sital-Singh has been commended for “breathing life into a tired form”. His quavering vibrato is the pièce de résistance on his tracks. Perhaps sometimes he falls into a familiar pattern of guitar riffs and lyricism, but when a man can belt out about love and hit a falsetto that would send shivers down Justin Vernon’s spine, you’d be crazy to skip to the next track.

It should always be noted when an artist can take something simple and predictable and morph it into something completely erratic and intoxicating, all within the same 4 minutes. Sital-Singh does this often and he does it well, clearly easing us in and holding our hand as he leads us into his innovative world of  musical talent. *cue ‘Pure Imagination’ and  Willy Wonka candy garden scene*

In an industry where (majorly) acoustic folk rock is a dominating force, Sital-Singh doesn’t seem to be retreating into any corners, having released two separate EPs within two years time. Now enough teasing with the EPs, Luke! Give us a full album already..

Here’s Luke Sital-Singh performing ‘Honest Man’ for Amazing Radio UK:


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