Music Monday – The Neighbourhood

Here’s a kick-off to a new weekly post theme I’m going to try to stick to — at least up until I start my Sasquatch countdown! Lately (and hopefully for the rest of my life) I’ve been exposed to so much amazing music from new (to me) artists. I love when people share music with me, so I’ll be sharing some goods with you..

The Neighbourhood is a five-piece band from Los Angeles and is still fairly new to the music world, gracing the industry with their talents as a group in 2011. Tattooed and pierced from nearly head to foot, Jesse Rutherford’s soulfully inflected vocals make for a wonderful topper to the bands genre-meshing sound. Not restricting themselves to any particular style, the band dabbles in mixing hip-hop beats with atmospheric, and sometimes acoustic, indie rock, stretching their limbs to an impressively broad range of listeners. Their music is catchy without sounding like every other redundant pop song on the radio… Although, after harboring some attention at Austin’s SXSW festival this year, their airtime is bound to increase pretty quickly. Keep your ears out!

Here’s a great acoustic set by the Neighbourhood at SXSW 2013 via LA’s 98.7:



One thought on “Music Monday – The Neighbourhood

  1. I’ve heard this song a lot on altnation, never the acoustic version though. You make a pretty attractive case for this band — I’ll definitely be stalking them soon. There’s something about Jesse’s voice that’s really soothing, like velvet almost. They’re definitely unique.

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