It’s Time to Wake Up

I’ve been severely neglecting this blog lately and I’m starting to feel pretty guilty about it. It’s not for lack of events nor inspiration by any means. I have been so busy that I can’t even begin to think about doing anything for myself. I was recently taken on as an intern by an awesome, young, and fun publication in Brooklyn, NY, Alt Citizen, and pulling together my assignments for them has been my highest priority. I started my final (WOOHOO!) term as a college student…and as a student ever. There have been many other ups over the past month or so but one big change in particular got me thinking that it may be time for a bit of a revamp of my ilfestyle.

I’m recently unemployed for the first time in nearly three years. Sure, it was a part-time job, but it may as well have been full-time. Working upwards of 20 hours a week while juggling a full course load was so overwhelming during that first year I started. I thought about quitting far too many times thinking it was more than I could handle. But I got into a swing. I even joined a sorority and held a demanding position within the chapter and still managed to keep my stuff together. After a while, I really started to like my job. Not love it per se, but definitely enjoyed having a consistent responsibility that didn’t seem like an entire waste of energy. Plus, I was really good at my job..

But, as of last Friday, that chapter has closed and it’s time to move on to the next big thing. I was sad at first and if I’m completely honest, I spent that first full day in bed basically wallowing in my own self-pity. (I always reprimand people who sulk over petty things, but even I can admit that it’s necessary in some circumstances. This was one of them.) Then I recalled how often I’d complain about having a job and how much I felt that I was missing out on. About three months ago, I’d started to form a list of regrets in my head, like not having enough fun in college or always taking things too seriously or not making enough friends or skipping out on all those Craft Center classes I always talked about taking… Granted, I’ve had my share of fun, but it’s a different kind of fun when you have to be up for work at 8 a.m. the following morning… I sacrificed a lot of weekend trips with friends, missed a few birthday dinners, and was forced to pass up some great concerts all because I was so committed to a job that wasn’t really going to help me in the future. I remember feeling horrified that I was going to turn into one of those parents who’d admit to their kids that they wish they’d done more while they were still able to.

It took nearly 48 hours of unemployment for me to realize that this is a good thing for me. Especially right now. I have a little over two months left before I leave college life behind me forever. Shouldn’t I be making the most of that time while it’s here?

Lesson learned: You can’t always expect that what you have today will be around tomorrow. Don’t settle and don’t hold yourself back from the infinite opportunities that surround you.

But do check out this rad video by La Femme. It’s all in French, but the chick’s wearing an eyepatch. Talk about badass…


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