Lucerne, Switzerland: July 30th – August 1st

Moving right along from France, our next destination was Switzerland!

We were packed and on our way to the train station by early afternoon. From Dijon, we swept through the beautiful city of Lausanne near Lake Geneva. We gawked at the stunning views outside of our windows, in partial regret that we weren’t staying in the area.

Lake Geneva and the city of Lausanne from the train to Lucerne.

But our minor concern was eliminated once we arrived in sunny Lucerne. We walked from the train station to our nearby hotel, got settled in, then set out to see the city. First, we stopped at the market conveniently location next door and grabbed some wine and snacks. We made the 15 minute walk down to Lake Lucerne and found a nice grassy lawn on the beach to rest on. The weather was perfect and the sights were even better. The birds enjoyed our company as well; geese, finches, and ravens crowded around for a hopeful nibble of our appetizer.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
Our little picnic on the beach; wine, beer, bread, cheese, salami, and chocolate.

This particular day marked Tucker’s final full day before heading for Paris for his flight back to the States. Of course, we had to commemorate the occasion with a “Last Supper”. After a quick freshening up at the hotel, we made out for the city of Lucerne to find ourselves a suitable place of dining.

On our way to Tucker’s Last Supper.

We found a small Italian restaurant on the corner of a street a few blocks down from our hotel. We shared stories and memorable European moments over great wine and food.

We made a quick stop at a bar before calling it a night and falling peacefully into sleep.

The next day, we had a few hours to kill before taking Tucker to the train station. We walked around the lake, admired some Swiss swans, listened to the church clock tower gong for 10 minutes (I am not exaggerating), and then sat down for a bite to eat.

Some swans and a bridge of Lake Lucerne.
Lake Lucerne and some Swiss Alps.

We ended up making friends with two girls at the restaurant, one who turned out to be from Santa Cruz, Cali. where Tucker and Cody go to school. After we ate, they were our tour guides for the next hour or so. They took us to see Löwendenkmal, more commonly known at the Lion Monument.

Löwendenkmal, the Lion Monument, in all of its glory.

Absolutely stunning. That sculpture has been on my list of things to see for a couple years now. I was so excited to see it. The monument was designed in dedication to the Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French Revolution. It’s a beautiful piece of work, literally carved into a stone wall and resting above a pond. I could have easily spent hours just analyzing the details surrounding the lion.

We continued on in search of the Musegg Wall, which runs along the city of Lucerne and provides really wonderful views. After a few wrong turns, we finally made it to the wall, but faced the problem of not being able to climb up it. We walked along the length of Musegg until we found the clock tower. It really did have such a spectacular view of Lucerne, but it was definitely a workout!

View of the city from the Musegg wall.

Afterwards, we made our way back towards the lake where we said farewell to our new friends. We crossed through the Kapellbrücke, The Chapel Bridge and admired it’s wooden structure and interior paintings before going back to the hotel to gather Tucker’s things.

The stunning Chapel Bridge over Lake Lucerne.

After some very drawn out goodbyes from the boys, Tucker was on the train and leaving us behind. :[

The brothers and I continued on with our day by going paddle boating on the lake! It was perfect weather for swimming and it was the absolute best way to spend our last day in Lucerne.

Out on our paddle boat on the lake.

After getting cleaned up at the hotel, we went out for our last dinner in Lucerne.

The boys left early the following morning and I continued on with my travels!…



One thought on “Lucerne, Switzerland: July 30th – August 1st

  1. Your pictures are really nice, and they remind me so much of my trip to Switzerland. I went to there about four or five years ago, but instead of autumn it was winter. Everything is so beautiful, especially Lake Lucerne. Plus, the people there were really nice too. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip there as well!

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