Dijon, France: July 28th – 30th

And onward we went!

We had a tricky route to our next destination: Orléans to Paris, walk about across the river and down 8 blocks to another train station, Paris to Dijon. Took a bit of time and lots of energy, but we made it to the mustard capital of the world! We got in just in time for dinner near the center of town. Some prosciutto and warm chèvre on toast filled up my happy belly.

A warm chèvre on toast and prosciutto salad in Dijon.

Again, our hotel was a bit outside of town. We had to take a 15 minute taxi to get there. Once we checked in, our weary, travelled-out bodies fell quickly to sleep.

The following day was our day for exploring the town, but a few issues delayed our plans: we were a way’s out of downtown, not wanting to spend much on transportation; it was Sunday, meaning most stores would be closed. After walking in the wrong direction away from town for too long and spending an extended amount of time at a random KFC because they had free WiFi, we finally hopped on a bus that dropped us off exactly where we wanted to be.

The main street through the center of Dijon.

We spent the next few hours wandering the curving streets of Dijon, admiring the shops full of countless types of mustard and investigating buildings whose open doors beckoned to us. We followed the trail to the ‘Chouette of Dijon’ and I grabbed an authentic class of kir.

A beautiful display of mustard from one of the most well-known shops in the world, Moutarde Maille!

Quaint little center of Dijon. Feel like you’re Belle, yet?
The Chouette of Dijon!

Dijon is a beautiful town; very clean with lots to see and do, but we kicked ourselves for visiting on a day when few stores were open. We made the best of our time there during the day before heading back to our hotel where we snacked on a collection of mustard flavors.

Testing the mustards of Dijon.

Before ending the night, we managed to find a restaurant hidden beneath a hotel across the street. Of course, when we saw escargot on the menu, we had to order it. It was delicious!

A delicious (and nearly finished) plate of escargot.

Another night of sleep to prepare us for the following day of travel!