Orléans, France, July 27-28th

And the traveling begins!

I left Angers in the evening and made my way by train to Orléans to meet up with my high school friend, Tucker, his friend, Cody, and Cody’s brother, Kenny.

A quick taxi ride from the train station in Orléans and I was reunited with my buddy at the Formula1 hotel. We were quite a ways out of the city, so we grabbed some wine and wandered to a small pond in the woods to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Back at the hotel room, we drank a couple beers, snacked on caviar, and eventually faded off into slumber.

The next morning, we were off to our next destination, but not after a bit of exploring. We trekked quite a ways to find a tram into downtown Orléans and we were so relieved once we arrived. The little town was so pretty! We were immediately greeted by a beautiful cathedral in a square of the town.

The very gothic cathedral of Orléans.
A little square of Orléans.

There was a little café conveniently situated alongside the space, where we decided to fill our bellies before continuing our tour. We each enjoyed our versions of croques/coffee while admiring the scenery surrounding us.

A pretty coffee in Orléans.
My first real croque monsieur!

We couldn’t resist the temptation of checking out the cathedral, so we made a quick spin through the towering arches. I am quickly falling in love with church architecture in Europe. It’s overwhelming to be in such a huge space with so much attention to detail. I haven’t been let down with any cathedral yet. Very impressive.

Such a pretty cathedral in Orléans.

Afterwards, we walked further into town and stumbled upon Joan of Arc’s house.

A quick glimpse of Joan of Arc’s home in Orléans.

There was a little park behind it where we sat to rest for a bit before jumping on another tram to the train station… on our way to Dijon!

It was a brief visit to the small town of Orléans, but a very enjoyable one. Maybe some day I’ll return to check out that old house of Joan..


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