An End to Angers and a Farewell to my friends

My four weeks spent in Angers absolutely flew by, which is nearly unbelievable when I recall my first night in my home-stay, secretly praying that the time would pass quickly so that I could continue my adventures.

The long and rigorous class schedule was dreadful at times, but having to speak French for the majority of the day certainly helped me improve. But so much more than the classes, I learned about myself through the people I met, particularly in my AHA program, those of which I spent the most time with.

There is no denying that I didn’t spend nearly enough time with each of the 19 members of AHA, nor with our director, Sue, but the interactions I had with the few of you are some that I will cherish the most. We were such a different yet dynamic group of students/travelers/adults. I am happy to know each of you, even if it were for a brief amount of time. Of course, I’ll keep in touch with those of you who made the biggest of impact on me and I hope that our communication stays consistent as the years pass.

I’m no good at good-byes as they generally begin and end in tears, so this is the most sincere of farewells that I can muster without drenching you in salt water. I wish you all the best of luck on everything you pursue and hope that one day our paths will cross again!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Angers. It became my home-away-from-home for a month and it will always own a special piece of my heart.

Thank you so much to everyone who made the adventure what it was. You all are the greatest!



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