…and we’re off!

And here begins yet another attempt at travel blogging. Where am I off to this time? The beautiful country of France! And everywhere else I can manage during my six month stay in Europe. Yup, that’s right. Six whole months of European delicacies, towering historical structures, and beautiful accents to boot. Have I made you envious enough yet?

Well, don’t turn too green quite yet. While I will be surrounded by all of these things for half of a year, a fair amount of my time will be spent in a classroom. I’m participating in two separate study abroad programs: a French language intensive in Angers for the month of July and a “half French/half gen. ed.” Fall semester in Poitiers. The French take their education pretty seriously, so as long as I’m in school I’ll have to find a comfortable balance between studying and exploring. That will certainly be a true test for me since I’m guaranteed to allow myself to become fully enveloped in the new culture. Getting as much out of this adventure is my main goal, so if that means letting my grades slide a (tiny) bit, so be it.

But even drowning under piles of assignments mixed with the anxiety of trying to keep up with the language, France will be a pretty great place to be.

It hasn’t been an easy journey getting here. And by here, I mean this terminal at LAX, anxiously waiting to board my plane to Las Vegas, then onto London, then finally to Paris. Staying true to the procrastinator in me, I waited until the near last minute to renew my passport, obtain my visa, and book my flight across the pond. And there were more than a few moments when I doubted that this trip would happen at all. But it is. It’s happening right now. I’m certain the reality of that won’t sink in until much later on…

It’s an overwhelming feeling, going into something (literally) so foreign and unknown. I’ve never been out of the country, unless you count the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas or Tijuana, Mex., which I don’t. This will be the longest time I’ve spent away from home. I’m leaving behind love, family, friends… and as difficult as it is for me to swallow how much I will be missing out on, the weight of that is far less than what I know I’ll gain from this experience abroad. I’ve no idea what to expect and I have no way of knowing how this will impact me, but I’m excited. And I’m excited to share as much as I can with you.

I can’t promise that I’ll update this blog every day, but I will try to be consistent in my posts. Expect loads of pictures and video clips. Hopefully, I’ll muster a paragraph or two from time to time. :]

Au revoir!


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