24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 24 – Beck

I know I skimped on posting this in time.. but I felt guilty leaving my series unfinished and figured I might as well toss this last one in for good measure.

Beck is certainly a voice of our generation. He’s inspirational, creative, and genuinely quirky. He mixes an array of instruments to create a plethora of musical genres. He rarely sticks to a single sound, but it’s safe to say that his music revolves around that of the folk species. He’s released a multitude of full-length albums in his near 20 years on the scene, each one a contrast to the previous. His carries this intriguing form of ADD with his music that’s all but distracting. His peculiarities off stage and on make Beck a paramount artist for our time.

When is was announced that Beck was to perform on the closing night of Sasquatch music festival, the music world was all-abuzz. He’s been flying swiftly under the radar over the past few years and an appearance at a major American music festival could only mean on thing: a new album. While an actual album is still yet to be released, Beck and his musical partners have given many hints that something great is on its way. He’s released a handfull of singles in the build-up to the anticipated release, working with the genius talents of Danger Mouse and Childish Gambino, that only emphasize those whispers.

Beck’s stray from the ordinary and lust for the abnormal lift him above the rest of the alternative rockers we’re familiar with. He makes being a “Loser” look very cool.

Beck performed on the Sasquatch stage at 10 pm on Monday, May 28th. 


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