24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 18 – the Head and the Heart

After taking the Pacific Northwest by storm after their inception in 2009, the Head and the Heart began touring across the United States and Europe, opening for big alternative rock names like Dr. Dog, Vampire Weekend, and The Decemberists. Profiling a “down home” feel with a simple use of guitar and harmonized vocals and the backing of piano and percussion, this band sings of love in all of its forms. Weeks after the Head and the Heart was solidified and they started recording together, they burned their music onto CDs at home and encased them in handmade denim sleeves. The albums sold like candy at local Seattle record stores and grabbed the attention of multiple record labels. After signing with Sub Pop in 2010, their premiere self-titled album was remastered and distributed globally. Their moniker references those big life decisions that involve the battle between the logic in our heads and the boiling blood in our heart. Confronting new distances, rediscovering old love, and delving into new and foreign worlds is what the Heart and the Heart speaks true to. Their music thrives in its simplicity and makes for top-of-the-line stage performances that dive deep into the hearts of their audience who can’t help but sing along to the beat. This year marks their second round of the Sasquatch Music Festival and they’re bound to round up an even bigger crowd than last year.

the Head and the Heart plays on the Sasquatch stage at 6:40 pm on Sunday, May 27th.


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