24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 17 – Deer Tick

Give a man from Rhode Island a guitar and you get… folky rock? Deer Tick‘s sound off their latest album is what you’d expect of a band from somewhere down South, but the Northeast-based band isn’t afraid to come at you with in-your-face instrumentals and raw vocals. You can certainly feel the light pulls of inspiration on Divine Providence from Nirvana and Johnny Cash, but Deer Tick still stays close to their own niche of country folk music. Distorted guitars, under-produced bass lines, and aggressive lyricism makes it easy to trust the authenticity of the band’s talent. There’s no fluff, no synthesizing, no obnoxious auto-tune. Just the genuine quality of music from a genuinely talented band that doesn’t care much about what the rest of the music industry is doing. It’s refreshing to discover a band that doesn’t jump into the competitive and repetitive shark tank of musical production. Deer Tick creates what they’re interested in and that honest loyalty is what transforms Divine Providence into more of a memoir than just another album. It represents each of the five band members, profiling their individual attributes to Deer Tick. Even if they’re not singing, their voice is still present in the tracks. The ebb and flow of the album compliments Deer Tick’s message of going back to your roots, cracking open a cold one, and simply enjoying life while still remembering to wreak a little havoc every once in a while.

Deer Tick plays on the Bigfoot stage at 5:10 pm on Sunday, May 27th.


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