24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 16 – Hey Rosetta!

This talented sextet from Newfoundland isn’t afraid to get loud. Even their band name implies that things might get a little crazy. Hey Rosetta!‘s music is centered around resonating rock anthems and orchestral intonations. Vocalist, pianist, and guitarist Tim Baker pulls together a perfect lyrical blend of passion, expression, and impeccable control. He pulls his voice into a soft falsetto and grabs your attention with blatant lyrics that are so deeply honest you get the strange sense that he’s been peeking at your diary. In an instant, Baker transforms into a storming rock god, with blasting vocals that make your eardrums vibrate with pleasure. Hey Rosetta!’s recent album release, Seeds, is tinged with characteristics that are comparable to Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons, but they continue to stand apart from the remaining bands of the indie rock scene. Rarely is a group capable of creating such smooth transitions between tempo and tone at such a quick pace, but somehow Hey Rosetta! gets it done in a seamless manner. There’s a level of comfort in each of the tracks on Seeds, and yet there’s an unsettling aspect to the album. It’s raw, but so professionally constructed and produced that you feel as though you’ve somehow missed out on the recent Top 20 Countdown because there’s no way this band couldn’t be on there. Hey Rosetta! is mature in musical competence and that will only grow sweeter with time. Get these guys on your iPod ASAP!

Hey Rosetta! plays on the Yeti stage at 4:35 pm on Sunday, May 27th.


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