24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 14 – Greylag

There’s something about discovering a new band that gets me obnoxiously giddy and overly-promotional for them. I want everyone to hear what I’ve just found because I believe in it so much. I can’t stop talking about Greylag, a Portland-based duo that has released a single glorious EP. Andrew Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon met in 2007 and after realizing that their perspectives and dreams in music were similar, they started creating a collection of beautiful songs. Separately, both of the boys are unbelievably talented, experienced in various instruments and masters of vocal control. Together, they’re a team that can easily set a bit of anxiety in the stomachs of any indie rock band. They’re a musical machine, always perfectly in sync with one-another, live or otherwise. Dixon’s rising, soaring, and looping guitar playing meshes perfectly with the lilts and falsetto of Stonestreet. They pull technical tips from Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, never allowing instruments to clash, but to lead and introduce them to each other, creating a sound that seems to be one single and continuous entity. And I haven’t even mentioned the lyrics yet, which retain that unique poetic and obscure feel that is oh-so-desirable from musicians these days. Greylag’s music isn’t rushed and you can feel it in the tempo. They play their songs out just long enough to keep you sticking around to hear more. It’s a beautiful art to listen to and it’s rare to find a band that pays as much attention to those finer details. Or maybe it’s just natural chemistry for the dynamic duo. Whatever it is, Greylag is doing it just right.

Greylag plays on the Yeti stage at 12:15 pm on Sunday, May 27th. 


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