24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 9 – Lord Huron

Lord Huron is such a new entity that there is no biography for them on their band page nor on Wikipedia. With only two EPs under its belt, Ben Schneider’s alias of a band leaves the lingering question of who the hell Lord Huron is? From what we can gather via limited information on the Internet, Schneider spent much of his time growing up near Lake Huron in Michigan, hence the band name. Both EPs were produced solely by the musician in the confines of his bedroom or someplace of the sort, but his live performances include a full band profiling steel drums, tightly tuned guitar and airy repetition of nearly unintelligible lyrics. Lord Huron is a mix of South Asia and Afro-Caribbean sound with a dash of folky-Americana. The Mighty EP is a short compilation inspired by that of a cross-country playlist you’d pull together. It’s expansive and freeing and prods your adventurous side to drive with the volume up and windows down. While Lord Huron may channel some more flavored indie bands, Schneider’s sound is still distinguishable among the bunch with lyrical context centered around questions of primitivism, a theme that’s generally faded out of the modern music scene. Touring plans this summer suggest that a new piece is either in the works or expected to be released very soon. Let’s cross our fingers that this time we can satisfy our ears with a full-length album.

Lord Huron plays at 6:45 pm on the Yeti stage on Saturday, May 26th.


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