24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 8 – Metric

Metric has been circulating through the ears of the music world for over a decade now, jumping from electro-punk to synth-pop to new-wave dance. When vocalist/keyboardist Emily Haines met guitarist James Shaw in 1998 it was musical love at first strum. The duo travelled for a couple years and recorded an EP together before they were sought out by a music producer, flown out to London and created their full-length Grow Up and Blow Away. A shift in label ownership set back the album’s release date and during their hiatus, drummer Joules Scott-Key and bassist Joshua Winstead were thrown into the Metric mix. Their most recently released album Fantasties debuted without a label and managed to make its way into the Top 20 charts during 2009. Needless to say, Metric knows what they’re doing. Haines’ vocals lean towards a sing-songy tenor and while this petite blonde rocker may appear meek, she’s certainly not afraid to curse, jump around and bare her soul to her audience. Metric’s lyrics are embedded with satire, criticism, and the always appreciated heartache. The band takes subtle punches at the “mainstream scene”, suggesting a bit of mockery in their music that could easily be taken as offensive. But whether it’s by ignorance or apathy, no one listening seems to mind. Metric makes you dance. When you dance you tend to forget about any underlying messages that may be streaming through the bass lines around you. Whether or not Metric is choosing to be political isn’t so much as relevant as their talent is. They’ve got a handle on what they want their band to sound like and what type of music they want to release. Their fifth album Synthetica, a designated culmination of all of Metric’s historic genres, is set to release mid-June of this year and is already stirring up fandom hype. Mark this one on your calendars!

Metric plays at 6:40 on the Sasquatch stage on Saturday, May 26.


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