24 Days of Sasquatch: Day 5 – Alabama Shakes

You’ve probably heard some talk of Alabama Shakes by now. And if you haven’t I hope you take it into your own hands to check them out. This Alabama-based quartet is fairly new to the music scene but you would never guess it from the mature sound of their music. Brittany Howard supplies full and blasting bluesy vocals for the band’s southern soulful tone with a voice and lyrics that are in no way timid. I’m always excited to discover a talented woman leading a popular band and Howard ups the ante by topping her forceful vocals with some impressive guitar playing. Alabama Shakes is a simple band with handfuls of classic talent whose existence reminds listeners of what good rock-&-roll is supposed to sound and feel like: tempestuous riffs, bellowing vocals, and expressive lyrics that you’re surprised to hear vocalized. If you’re swaying to one of the delicious tracks off of their debut album Boys & Girls, you’re doing it right. Don’t stop now!

Alabama Shakes plays at 3 pm on the Bigfoot stage on Saturday May, 26.


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