InstaWeekend: March 22nd – March 25th

Hey all,

I’m giving this ‘InstaWeekend’ a bit of an extension because I’m cutting it off once my pictures start showing Texas. I’ll try to do daily (possibly every-other-day) posts while I’m on my Spring Break to update you all. Hopefully I’ll be getting some good pictures from here soon. There’s lots to see and show!

But anyway, here’s the past weekend!

After I finished up my finals (TWO back-to-back on Tuesday. That should be illegal.) Evelynn and I started packing up the Anthro room. It was definitely bittersweet. Ev is heading up to Seattle University to finish up her degree and I’m getting a change of scenery with my living space. We’ve both loved living in the Tri Delta house and we were getting a bit nostalgic packing up our things. Ev was a great roommate and I will miss her loads. xo

One of the greatest things about moving is that you find things you lost track of. I was devastated when I lost the other half of this earring set since they’re my favorite pair. When I found the match, I actually yelped with happiness. I am excited to start wearing these babies again.

Berrin and I decided (last minute) to go to The Hunger Games midnight premiere. Our entire theater was teenagers and middle schoolers. We weren’t too thrilled about the groups of girls cheering and gasping throughout the entire film, but all-in-all we liked the movie. We have our thoughts, just like everyone else, but I was impressed with how it panned out.

Friday afternoon, I grabbed a bite at Hideaway Bakery with Madeleine and Kayleen. I’d never been before, but definitely fell in love. All their breads are baked fresh daily and most everything is organic/homemade. I had a delicious ham and gruyere grilled sandwich and a soy chai tea latte. It was a great meal with great company.

After running some last minute errands in Eugene, I finally hit the road and made my way to Portland.  It was a very pretty drive with some white capped hills and mountains along the way. I was lucky for pure blue skies on my drive too. Sometimes Oregon living ain’t too shabby.

Saturday afternoon I flew out of Portland. Our flight was delayed over an hour for no real reason and my connection in Phoenix decided not to wait for the three passengers heading to Austin. So I boarded my flight out of PDX knowing I was stranded. I guess it’s just another adventure to add to my list, right?

Southwest put me up at the Hilton Garden Inn for the night in Phoenix. It really wasn’t too bad. Having a nice clean room all to myself and ordering in some room service.. It was a nice evening. And I will forever love those big fluffy pillows I got to cuddle up next to..

I’ll try to get an Austin post up ASAP!

Enjoy your week, everyone!




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