InstaWeekend: March 2nd – March 4th, 2012

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay in posting my weekend! I always find that the last few weeks of the term sneak up and attack me, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied with last minute projects and long nights of studying.

Up at 10 AM on Friday for some French. Here’s a nice shot of U of O’s Lillis Complex.

Saturday morning I opened the store at 8 AM and crawled right back into my glorious bed once I got home at 11:30. Then the sun came out to tell me to enjoy the day.

I started doing a bit of organizing and early Spring Cleaning on Sunday and came across these lovelies. This is maybe about 5% of my pressed coin collection. I get at least one each time I go to Disneyland (although one of these is from Balboa Park in San Diego), so you can imagine how often I’ve been to the parks!

Another fun find while I was cleaning. I bought these earrings at this ridiculously huge jewelry shop in New York City when I was about 15. I thought they were so cute and unique at the time.. and I still do!

Having an organized closet is one of the best feelings. I’m definitely running low on closet space these days…

I found a bit of time to sit down and play for a bit. My capo did some damage to my knuckle. Guitar injuries are pretty painful, but strangely gratifying.

A neat and accessible work space. Unfortunately, it no longer looks like this, but at least my pens are still in all one place!

Have a great week.

All my love,



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