InstaWeekend: February 23rd – 26th

I’m doing a bit of cheating again this week with the length of my weekend. It was all-in-all very mellow, but there were some great highlights that happened before Friday evening that I wanted to share. :]

Thursday night called for a night out with two of my favorite people, Jelle and Baylea. Freshman year the three of us, plus Matt and Max were practically inseparable. It was a blast to catch up and share drinks with J and B.
My one and only Dutchman. Witty, quick and a right honest fellow. But really, how could you not love a face like that?
One early class on Friday and an afternoon to kill before my shift at work lead me to mend some jewelry that's accumulated on my desk. Happy to have welded my lion ring back together. Oh, the wonder of SuperGlue...
Saturday night I was struggling to kill time at work so I pulled out our month inventory booklets and freshened up on a bit of Ray Ban history. Definitely dig the classic styles they're bringing back.
After my shift, Berrin, Paige and I made our way to The Bier Stein on 11th and explored some tasty brews. Paige snagged a chocolate stout that was so absolutely delicious that I will definitely be heading back there soon. Hopefully avoiding walking seven blocks in the rain...


Some of my most faithful and trustworthy girlfriends. We were highly entertained by a dancing girl in a blue wig at Max's that night.
Sunday afternoon was our Chapter's Sincerely Yours event. All of our members addressed 30+ letters each to be sent out to friends and family, all benefitting the incredible work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It's nice to have the reminder that you're a part of something bigger than yourself.


Like I said, it was a quieter weekend for me, but with some really great events!

Have a great week y’all!





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