InstaWeekend: February 17th – 19th

Played around with more soft chalk on Friday. Added teal, purple, and pink. Teal doesn't like to stick in my hair for too long..
Madeleine and I shared a delicious dinner at Meiji in the Whit Friday night. Monkfish finished with a delectable chocolate chip cheesecake.
Grabbed a bucket o' beers from The Webfoot with some of the girlies.
Peanut night at Max's made for messy tables and messy floors, but very happy tummies!
Woke up Saturday afternoon to this beautiful piece of paper in the mail.
Gave myself a little cut and color Saturday.
Baylea and I had a catch-up dinner date at The Vintage. Their cheese fondue was to die for..
Such a beautiful bar display at The Vintage. Such a homey feeling place to spend a Saturday evening.
Sunday was "catch-up" day. Homework, laundry, tidying up, and a nice orange snack.


Happy Monday all!

Hope you all are getting amped to celebrate Mardi Gras! See you next week!




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