Day Seven: 20 Miles of Shopping

I’ve come to realize that the hardest aspect of maintaining a blog is finding the inspiration to write. And to write something good. I tend to fall into the routine of writing like I’m the only one who will ever read my posts. But that’s not true, and that’s something that I’ll continue to work on. So in the meantime, I’m sorry if I happen to drone on or get caught up in my own head and forget to make sense with some things. I will work harder on that. :]

Today was the first day that I really started to feel the exhaustion settle in. Late nights and fairly early mornings, plus entire days spent walking, running, exploring, are the exact ingredients that lead to heavy fatigue, much like I felt this morning upon waking up. Ana and I laid in bed and had a few random and pointless conversations before either of us even made an attempt to get out of bed. Free breakfast at the hotel tempted us to throw on some clothes and make the trek downstairs. Fruit, pastries, oatmeal, cereal, sausage, eggs on a bagel, and waffles welcomed us and wished us a “Good morning”.

Once we’d eaten and made ourselves presentable for the world, we hopped on the subway over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for some good thrift store shopping. We made a trip to Beacon’s Closet and Ana found the exact wallet that she’d been hoping to find on Canal Street. We ventured into every other vintage store or boutique we passed by and while I didn’t find anything for myself, I loved getting to know the area a bit better. It’s such a quirky little neighborhood. Williamsburg surprises me in a lot of ways. It’s in the middle of an older section of Brooklyn, right next to the Jewish community. It’s interesting to me how it’s evolved from dingier and older buildings into a popular and very hip new area with lots of great shopping and food.

Speaking of food, we ate lunch at The Meatball Shop. I’d heard about and had it recommended to me by a couple different people and was so happy we stumbled upon it in Brooklyn. The Williamsburg address is a smaller restaurant with a bar running halfway along the right side of the space with tables filling the remaining areas. The bar tenders, waitresses, and waiters fit almost perfectly into the “hipster” stereotype. The only thing setting them back: lack of bigotry. We got lucky and our waiter was not only adorable, but he was friendly and conversational. It was very refreshing.

The menu gives you nearly full reign over your meal; you pick and choose meats, sauces, styles, and sides to fit your taste. And you do this all by marking on the menu with a dry-erase marker. So clever.

I ordered the ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad’. A chef’s choice salad with my choice meatballs and sauce. I picked the original beef meatballs with a parmesan cream sauce. Sided with a Pabst Blue Ribbon and it was devine.

A bit more wandering around Williamsburg and we got ourselves over to Canal Street again to do some good bargaining. Ana was on the hunt for a bag and we found it within 15 minutes. We spent the rest of the time there looking for some watches and after getting them for a decent price, we walked back up to SoHo to window shop some more. When our feet couldn’t take the walking any longer, we came back to the hotel and waited to meet up with Isabelle and Carol Ann for dinner.

The four of us hit up Blockheads, a funky Mexican restaurant near Herald Square. Cheap and delicious margaritas and tacos were on my agenda for the evening. It’s been fun spending time with Isabelle in her environment. I’m happy that she’s made the trip into the city a couple times this week and that I’ve been lucky enough to see her.

After getting turned down at a bar because Ana is still underage, she and I decided to call it a night. We’d worked hard on our outfits and wanted them to be seen so we wandered around Herald Square outside of Macy’s for a bit. We found a nice stranger to take our photo.

After hitting up yet another massive Forever 21, we made our way back to our hotel and into our beds.

Ana has passed out and is quietly snoring and my eyelids are becoming heavier. It’s time to call it a night so I can enjoy my last day in the city tomorrow.


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