Day Six: Windows (Literal and Figurative)

Although Emily had planned on her alarm going off around 8am this morning, it (to my relief) never did. Instead, we woke up at 9:50, which was totally fine by me. I hopped in the shower and then repacked all of my things while I waited to hear from Ana. Her flight ended up coming in about 45 minutes early and Emily and I braved the subway with all of my luggage. That was an event that I will try very hard not to repeat. Lugging a 50+ pound bag down and then back up a couple flights of stairs is never ideal, especially when you have the upper body strength of a bunny… but we managed to make it over to Herald Square without making huge fools of ourselves.

Reuniting with Ana was wonderful. It had been three years since I’d seen her last at her high school graduation and I’m so happy she was able to take some time off work (and life) to come up to hang out with me in NYC for a few days. After cooling down and resting our tired arms in our room for a few minutes, we headed out again for some shopping. We started out in SoHo and managed to cover every inch of the borough. There were some great window displays that I couldn’t help but lust over., particularly at Aritzia.

I’m so intrigued by store decorating. I’ve considered it as a career path on multiple occasions and it’s still an attractive aspect of retail to me. I’m always impressed by the creativity and technique that goes into the displays. I often spend more time checking out the layout of a store than I do the actual clothes. NYC has been a great place for inspiration and admiration.

When we were finally ready for a change of scenery , we made our way over to Rockefeller Center. We made it there right around dusk and the lights around the block were just beautiful and we were early enough that we were able to miss out on the crowds surrounding the tree.

We spent the next couple of hours checking out the windows around 5th Avenue and after a failed attempt to walk in the rain to view more displays near Central Park, we came back to Times Square. Emily made her way back to her hotel while Ana and I looked for a place to eat. We had to stop to take a few pictures along the way…

I wanted to reunite with my favorite and most familiar restaurant in NYC, Ruby Foo’s, but they were hosting a private event and we had to skip that for the night. Instead we found a small Japanese restaurant off of Broadway where we had one of the most delicious sushi dinners I have ever tasted. We bought way too much food for the two of us, but it was all worth it.

After our feast, we decided to rest up for a bit back at the hotel. Ana and I are lucky enough to share a huge bed at the Hampton right next to both The Empire State Building and the largest Macy’s store in the world. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s one of the cleanest and most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in. The only reason we were even able to get up and out of it after resting for a couple hours was the possibility of seeing Daniel Radcliffe.. again.

I was much more nervous this time around than the evening before, mostly because I didn’t have an entire play to distract my mind. We rushed straight over to Al Hirschfeld and joined the small crowd already waiting for Dan to come out. They hadn’t set up the barricades yet and that seemed a bit strange to me. Ana and I made a game plan: she would shoot pictures, I would get the signature. We were braced and ready and excited. We kept checking the time and knew that at any minute the play would be ending and the audience would make their way over to the stage door to join us. Then Dan’s car pulled up and the security guard announced that Daniel wasn’t signing or taking any pictures tonight. We were still under the impression that we could manage to get something from him. We couldn’t believe that he would just whiz by a group of barely 20 fans. But he did. He popped out, gave a quick “Hey, guys…”, and climbed into his car. I snapped a very quick photo before he sped away and almost regretted the flash..

After a second let-down with DanRad, I’m convinced it’s just not in the cards for us. At least not right now. I’ll have another opportunity to meet him, I’m sure. I can handle the disappointment for right now.

Ana and I had gotten ourselves worked up and excited prior to seeing Dan and we had a lot of extra energy to get rid of so we wandered around Times Square for a bit. We grabbed some nuts from a street cart and explored the Disney store and Forever 21. We worked our souls and our spirits down to the bone and when we finally got back to our hotel, we both had a heavy and perfect slumber.


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